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        Get your 2021 CSA

        The 2021 CSA is ready for purchase! 14 weeks of the some of the most delicious, local veggies available.

        Sign up today!

        “a society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in”
        -Greek Proverb

        Riverbend Gardens CSA

        Riverbend Gardens CSA is a subscription to high quality locally grown and produced vegetables.

        Rather than coming to one of your local farmer’s markets, a selection of delicious produce will be packaged and delivered to a commercial location, ready for your convenient pick-up.

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        We’re Proud of our Farming Practices

        Our farming practices involve using specific conventional treatments minimally and cautiously.

        Every year we work towards bettering the conditions of our soils by doing a variety of responsible things; growing cover crops, adding nitrogen, and composting. We take great care with our farming methods.

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        The Team

        Aaron, Janelle, Evie, Layne, and Carly Herbert makeup the Riverbend Gardens Family… but there’s a whole team of us that help get the produce into the ground, out of the ground, and in your hands!

        Meet our Team

        What’s in Season?

        Find out what’s currently in season at Riverbend Gardens, what you can expect in your CSA box, and how our current crops are doing.

        Learn more about our season.

        Learn About Community Supported Agriculture.

        Get involved in your local food ecomomy. Invest in local agriculture and share in the risks and rewards that nature has to offer us!

        Check out our CSA.

        Tag your instagram photos: #RiverbendGardens and see them in our gallery!

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